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A hybrid hackathon for women and other gender minorities.

Date : 2-3 June 2023 from 8am to 8pm
Place : AISAT College

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To get the most out of technologists, it requires a collaborative and innovative intellectual atmosphere. It invites participants to work together and put those abilities to use to develop a modernised solution to the current problems that the sectors are facing. Women Empowered, a division of Mind Empowered, is in charge of organising it.

  • Mentoring
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity
  • Opportunity
  • Networking
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge

What are the Benefits ?
  • Interaction with dev community.
  • Interesting way of learning.
  • Healthy work environment.
  • Rise to innovate.
  • Strong networking opportunity.
  • Get mentoring from industry leaders.
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About Us

Mind Empowered Charitable Trust (ME) is an NGO that creates mental and physical health awareness and provides skills for the personality development of youth and women (18-25 years).

What ME do ?
  • Conduct weekly webinars, Q&A sessions.
  • Mental and Physical health awareness sessions in colleges.

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Women Empowered (WE) is an initiative by Mind Empowered Charitable Trust aiming

  • To empower women (18-25 years).
  • To provide the girls with a safe space and an open forum where they can ask their queries related to their body anonymously from a genuine expert than use Google to get answers.
  • To improve physical wellbeing and female safety by simple techniques of self defense.
What WE do ?
  • Conduct Technical sessions in various domains like cybersecurity, web development, machine learning.
  • Organize technical events like Ideathons and Hackathons.
  • Meetups with women entrepreneurs to inspire young girls.
  • Gynaecological sessions with an expert Gynaecologist.
  • Self-defence workshops in collaboration with Vanitha Police.

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Any amount above 1000

  • Amount is utilised to support gender minorities and women in particular.
  • Contributions are eligible for deductions under sec 80G of the Income Tax Act.

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